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Forget Letterman and Leno!

Check Out Eve's Top Ten List

Top 10 Reasons Why Fifty's A Fabulous Place to Be:

10.Barbra Streisand (4-24-42), Goldie Hawn (11-21-45), Bette Midler (12-1-45), Diane Keaton (1-15-46), Tina Turner (11-26-39), Jane Fonda (12-21-37), Susan Sarandon (10-24-46), Cybill Shepherd (2-18-49) and Candice Bergen (5-9-46) say it's a great time to be 50 and who are we to disagree?
(Seeing stars in Hollywood: the ultimate guide to celebrities and Hollywood

9 We've discovered the warmth, support and outrageous delight of friendships with women we've known for 30 or 40 years! (www.friendshipdayonline.com)

"Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves." Louise Bernikow

8 Menopause is no longer a woman's ugly little secret which we are required to suffer in silence and privately as our mother's did; instead, we can openly discuss it and better still, laugh about it (http://www.minniepauz.com "If you don't get it....you ain't there yet. HUMOR REPLACEMENT THERAPY!)

7 There are so many of us that we're called "boomers" which doesn't begin to describe the way we are taking the world by storm! We're actually "sonic boomers!" (http://www.bbhq.com Baby Boomer's Headquarters)

6 When we heard the expression, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," we instantly knew exactly what it meant and the truth of it set us free. (www.becquet.com/laughter/02.htm)

"Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy, fat women" Nicole Hollander

5 We realize that if we have the money, we can change/enhance any part of our anatomy or we can embrace who we are externally and focus our energies on enriching who we are internally….it's strictly our call…we actually have a choice; and speaking of CHOICES….(http://www.voiceofwomen.com/ "Women telling their stories, discussing issues that affect them, and sharing hard-won wisdom more than ever.")

4 We have more choices to do what we want to do, be who we want to be, go where we want to go and live as we please more than women have at any time in history. (www.middleage.org/index.shtml )

3 Suddenly midlife has become fashionable and we are "at the right place at the right time!" instead of "a day late and a dollar short" where we often found ourselves when we were younger. (http://www.2young2retire.com Retirement is when we stop living at work and starting working at living!) "We do not turn not older with years, but newer every day." Emily Dickinson

2 We are actually starting to break the glass ceilings, closing in on the financial gender gap, having our voices heard and respected from the halls of Congress to the highest echelons of government and finally making policy instead of coffee! ((www.breaktheglassceiling.com/ "Perhaps all human progress stems from the tension between two basic drives: to have just what everyone else has and to have what no one has." Judith Stone

The Number 1 reason why 50's is a Fabulous Place to be?

1 We're here, we're oh for five, we're vibrantly alive and 21 is our lucky number! Hello 21st Century…we've arrived….50 has come to be our place in the sun!

Click here for Top Ten List For Answers To The Question: HOW OLD ARE YOU?

Now Enjoy All Things Women Overcoming Middle-age Ever Needed It's Not CARYL (Can Always Rest on Your Laurels)!

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