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Feel Free to Express Every Bit of Advice, Comments, or Kudos

It should be no surprise to anyone that Neat Women are inclined to speak out, speak up, and speak about everything. Because the Neat Women Inc neighborhood is by women, for women and about women, we've not only invited feedback but regularly requested it….each and every contest at NWI asks:

How did you find the contest? Have you been here before? If so, how many times? What do you like most about the Neat Women Site?

The purpose is to seek input from the people this site was created to serve and to insure that all women have a voice in how the Neat Women Inc neighborhood is developed and maintained. Finally, we make no apologies for the fact that when kudos come this way-no one will dodge them! They will be embraced and honored as much as the criticisms (fairly regularly a man who enters will answer "What do you like most about the site?" with the reply, "Absolutely nothing.") We respect honesty. And, men have won contests.

Contests are not the sole forum for feedback. Often women write-because they feel like expressing their views and here are a couple of examples:

I roared when I read your commentary about being flat chested when you were younger. I myself was very self-conscious about the fact that I have NO chest. A young man (who, in fact, was the town hood) that I became infatuated with at one point told me (quite surprisingly) one day, "You should stand up straight and be proud of what you have. Boobs don't make a difference, it's your looks and your personality that count." I was shocked by the fact that he knew why I had such poor posture. How observant for the town hood. It took a while for me to overcome it, but his words finally made a difference. I never did resort to falsies or any other enhancements. I do, however, remember a girl in my class who used to stuff her bra with Kleenex. Oh how we suffered when we were young." from Sue who lives in Upstate New York

A NEAT WOMAN named Laurie who lives in Louisiana a year ago wrote: "Thank goodness for your site. It helps me to realize that there are other women who feel the same way that I do and that is, that it's hard enough to grow older without everyone trying to make you feel useless at the same time! When someone finds out my age they either give me this exaggerated smile of condolence or worse, try the humor route of "You mean you are that many years young!!" RIGHT! I am just now learning to be comfortable with my age and although there are the newly added ailments with my age, there are also a lot of newly added realizations. Your site gives me a place where I feel comfortable and getting all the support you can is a dream come true." That is high praise, indeed, however, EVE would hasten to point out, NEAT WOMEN like Laurie are the reason this web site came into being. That was a year ago and Laurie recently entered the Birthday Contest and offered this: "What do you like most about the site: Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the help, love, encouragement and most of all support you have given me and so many women over 40 who thought for so long that they did not have a place in this world anymore!! You have performed miracles when I thought there were none for women over 40. You are all women's best friend and we all love you for it!" Actually Laurie-you are the miracle-a woman who approaches life with such enthusiasm and humor is a role model for us all!

This is dated Today's Treasure 4/29/00 "I E-mailed Today's Treasure to several of my friends. I always tell them (even though they are not of a certain age), that this is truly a neat site! Keep up the great work! You need to know that it is truly appreciated. Sincerely, Jo Anne from Pennsylvania

Diana wrote: "Thank you for an informative look at womanhood past the age of teeny bopper and tantalizing twenties and thirties. I had been told that middle age was 35-37; it's nice to know it's up to me. I truly look forward to a new and exciting web site, one that will give me an upper (not downer) look on life."

From Bonnie: "I find that this is the best time of my life, and that's a good thing. What other option do I have? Turning back the hands of time is certainly not an option! This stage of life is so good, why would I be interested in reversing some of the outward evidence that I am in a different stage of life. Maybe this is a conversation for the therapist, but she is too expensive!"

Nancy gives us all something to look forward to: "I figure that I'm middle-aged for two reasons: I'll be 60 in April (last month) and I plan on living until I'm 120. Of course, I also plan on the next 60 years being healthy and productive--now, if I could just get myself into gear, eat more healthfully and to exercise.....!" Please get back to us on that hard part Nancy.

Billie (who lives in Virginia, loves to garden and has a son living in Hawaii) wrote: "I really enjoy Neatwomen. I am 73 years old and I enjoy all the input I can get......LOL Seriously, keep up the good work. (-: "

It's a celebration of women. I E-mailed my mom and sister and told them to check it out." Donna of California

"It's so relaxing and good for a smile or better yet a chuckle or two. Marked as one of my favorite places, thank u." Sherry from Oklahoma

I think that the stories are hilarious and entertaining. I am 58 years young and can relate. Thanks for such a great idea," wrote Joyce from New York who answered the question How Did You Find the Contest: "Heaven knows!"

"Positive attitude on life's progression, inspiring confidence and self esteem." Says Jeralyn from North Carolina

I enjoy women taking themselves 'not so seriously.' I enjoy women who enjoy being a woman, and obviously, you folks do. Thank you for making it easier for all of us to age a little more peacefully and a little more humorously." Dana from North Carolina

Paula from Washington State explained that she learned about the site from a friend and the thing she likes best is "No nubile 20 year olds!"

There are young women who visit and many enter the contests. One such neat woman in England named Heather entered the Lachrymatory Contest and wrote: "I adore the Ya Ya's and am part of a group much like them, I too have a difficult relationship with my mother and like the site as it explains I am not alone in looking for help to make things right." One of the winners of a Lachrymatory Contest who lives in Idaho gave her Mother the prize.


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