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What are you Weighting for?

  • Height/Weight Chart
  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A BUFFET KIND - Researchers believe too many food choices increase consumption, leading to weight gain. Advice: avoid buffets and eat less and lighter earlier in the day.
  • A WORKOUT THAT WORKS Shape's eight-week fitness program is one you'll be able to stick with. The moves are simple, and you'll start seeing results in no time. Click sidebar for details. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=372
  • Feelin' Fit Online Health & Fitness for women. 40+ AGE WOMEN - Finally, a place where you can go to learn how to lose the weight & never find it again! Feelin' Fit offers you everything you need to be successful in healthy weight loss, safe exercising, lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements, along with a lot of support, motivation & friendship!
  • The Weight Loss Research Center is offering advice to millions of people with weight problems. Our hope is that this web site will give you some new ideas and guide you in the right direction, so that you can make the changes necessary to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Eyes, Ears, Nose and Teeth.

Are you what you eat?

  • Columbia University College of P & S Complete Home Medical Guide. The Basics of Good Nutrition. THE FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID
  • FEEDING DIABETES - Look down. That expanding waistline could be putting you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, says a new study that calls obesity the single most important predictor.
  • Nutrition Navigator Site by Tufts University helps you sort through the large volume of nutrition information on the Internet and find accurate, useful nutrition information you can trust. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=375
  • Nutrition.gov U.S. Government site provides access information on nutrition, healthy eating, and physical activity. Information categories include food facts, food safety, lifestyle issues relating to nutrition, and other health management resources and references. www.nutrition.gov/home/index.php3
  • If you do not have diabetes, you can avoid getting it through good nutrition and regular exercise. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, managing it properly is key. The American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org

The skinny on Skin.

Mental Health Means Your Mind Isn't Made Up

No bones about it.

How do you feel?

  • Where we have been, where we are now, and where we hope to go!
  • Medical Resources Online - A selected listing of Web resources providing health information for the consumer. These resources are starting points for the general public searching for health-related information.
  • National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Site provides information about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). It is designed to give you a quick overview of NCCAM efforts to advance CAM research. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=376
  • State Health Profiles: 2001 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes a State Health Profile for each State and the District of Columbia every year. This publication series is designed to consolidate the most current data on the health of the U.S. population. Specific "health status indicators" are used to describe the Nation's health on a State-by-State basis. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=377
  • Internet Drug Index - If you've accidentally thrown away the indications sheet that came folded up in your box of pills or ointment, do a search at this site, which has data on hundreds of pharmaceutical drugs, including warnings, interactions, dosages, and overdose treatments. You can search by name (brand or generic) or imprint code (the numbers and letters stamped on pills and capsules), which can come in handy if you ever find a mysterious tablet in your medicine cabinet. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=378
  • Physician Information - Several states provide information on medical malpractice and disciplinary proceedings. This site tells you how to access this information in what it calls 'Physician Profiles': Information About Physicians Including Education, Training, Specialty, Malpractice and Disciplinary Proceedings. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=379
  • Medical Encyclopedia - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia includes over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. Site also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=380
  • Find Lowest Prescription Prices Site allows you to compare prescription prices and to find the lowest prices online for your prescription. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=382
  • Combined Health Info Database Site lists a wealth of health promotion and education materials and program descriptions produced by health-related agencies of the Federal Government. At present, CHID covers 16 topics ranging from AIDS Education to Weight Control. You can search either individual topics or the entire database. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=383
  • Alcohol-Medication Interactions - Many medications can interact with alcohol, leading to increased risk of illness, injury, or death. This Alcohol Alert issued by the National Institutes of Health, notes some of the most significant alcohol-drug interactions. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=384
  • Chemotherapy and You - This free online booklet is for patients who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer. It describes what to expect during chemotherapy and what you can do to take care of yourself during and after treatment. http://www.cancer.gov/cancerinfo/chemotherapy-and-you
  • Your Genes, Your Health Site multimedia guide to genetic, inherited disorders. This resources attempts to answer questions such as: how is it inherited, what causes it, how is it treated, how is it diagnosed and what is it like to have it. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=386
  • Prostate Cancer - What You Need to Know -- This National Cancer Institute site contains important information about cancer of the prostate. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in the United States (other than skin cancer). Of all the men who are diagnosed with cancer each year, more than one-fourth have prostate cancer. http://www.cancer.gov/cancerinfo/wyntk/prostate
  • Health Tutorials Online tutorials are interactive health education resources from the Patient Education Institute. Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial. www.neatwomeninc.com/links/jump.cgi?ID=388
  • Medscape Health for Consumers Medscape Health provides free health information on hundreds of topics. Produced by Medscape, it is a companion site to Medscape.com, the most widely used Web site for doctors and healthcare professionals. http://www.medscape.com/px/urlinfo

Hair today, and where tomorrow?

M is for Metabolism, are you running on empty?

Putting our best breast forward.

  • There's more to breast care than just annual mammograms. The more you know the better off you are!
  • Kathee's mammogram humor pages are at http://www.lifestorywriting.com/mammo1.htm and http://www.lifestorywriting.com/mammo2.htm
    (You need to scroll down each of these pages to read the articles.) Don't forget the free breast care self-exam shower card at NEAT WOMEN INC
  • There's more to breast care than just annual mammograms. The more you know the better off you are!
  • There's a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It's about eliminating the "drive-through mastectomy" where women are forced to go home hours after surgery against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached. Consider signing the petition for passage. www.lifetimetv.com/health/breast_mastectomy_pledge.html
  • Please take a minute and help us spread the word about The Breast Cancer Site. By telling friends about this fast, free way to provide mammograms to underprivileged women, you make a real impact on the number of women we help. www.thebreastcancersite.com

M is for Menopause - It's your Pause.

Internal organs - Do yours play the right notes?

Here's a Plan - Especially for You . . .Featuring Fibromyalgia. It's a pain in the neck and other places as well.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - is no fun!

Stress Busters Bear Our Load Better than we do!

  • Visiting Expert Charles B Inlander has developed 25 ways to reduce stress. Do yourself a favor. Practice any or all of these stress busters. They can mean the difference between good health and bad. Also, links to: Stress Test, Stress Symptoms, Stress Points, Stress FAQs, Unwind with these hot stress sites http://www.clinique.com/busters.html
  • Simple/easy stress relieving techniques. http://riri.essortment.com/stressrelieving_ped.htm

Check out Here's To Your Mental Health


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