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Please read our disclaimer page. There will be new links posted for every category on a regular basis. If you find an article you would like to keep, we suggest copying it into a file, as we will not be archiving the links when they're replaced.

Health is something we tend to take for granted-if it is good. Historically, in the United States and Canada, the medical model for dealing with health issues has been treatment rather than preventative. That has been changing in the last couple of decades as people become better-informed consumers and expect a more wholistic approach. There is also a growing recognition of the distinction between physical and behavioral medicine, while at the same time, acknowledging the irrefutable importance of the “mind/body connection.”

While there is no shortage of sites pertaining to health, both physical and behavioral, on the Internet, it can seem at times as, “an embarrassment of riches” to coin an old phrase. The purpose of this page is to offer as broad a spectrum as possible of the resources available. Because Neat Women Inc is a community celebrating all women, especially “women of a certain age” we will present information pertaining chiefly to the WOACA group (women of a certain age). Furthermore, we will endeavor to continuously update the page in a timely fashion, recognizing that today, research is progressing in some areas at warp speed. Which simply means that what we know today about a particular health issue, may be completely the reverse a year from now. (For example: suddenly we’re inundated with reports that the old, taboo devil chocolate is actually good for us!! Who knew? Well…some of us did or at least rationalized our cravings with that notion.)

We do find ourselves in a “brave new world” of health care where insurance is Queen, but more closely resembles the King who road through town in his birthday suit and none but a small child had the courage to say, “Look-he has no clothes”. All we have is managed care to wrap ourselves in and it does not necessarily provide the best coverage. Which brings us to another crucial element in the equation of taking care of ourselves….who’s responsible? We are….both individually and collectively. Now more than ever, though, we must be our own health care case managers and advocates.

The material will be plentiful and varied, and we’ll also call upon our resident “fitness failure” Miz Eve (ME). There is a lot of ME in all of us. She has been “painfully” thin and frighteningly overweight. Part of the explanation for that has to do with the big “M”. Nope, it doesn’t stand for menopause, misery, or middle-age. Metabolism has a great influence on our bodies over the course of a lifetime….and it can “turn on us” in a heartbeat (no pun intended). The hot fudge sundaes and french fried onion rings which combined were ME’s meal of choice in her youth, did not stick around long enough to add an ounce to her frame. They now take up permanent residence somewhere between her neck and her knees if she dares even to look at them! On another front, Miz Eve has experienced the high’s and endorphins a mile’s run in the morning (which she did for more than ten years-regardless of rain, snow, sleet, and/or sunshine…which was scarce because she lived in the second least sunny city in the U.S. all that time). She’s subsequently earned full membership in the Sofa Slug Society. Bottom line…she’s moderately qualified to participate in a dialogue about this. We welcome you to the round table as well-your thoughts and feedback are more than welcome. Simply write to neatwomeninc@aol.com

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Eyes, Ears, Nose and Teeth.

Are you what you eat?

The skinny on Skin.

Mental Health Means Your Mind Isn't Made Up

Stress Busters Bear Our Load Better than we do!

No bones about it.


follow the yellow brick road….
How do you feel? Where we have been, where we are now, and where we hope to go!

Hair today, and where tomorrow?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus

M is for Metabolism, are you running on empty?

Putting our best breast forward.

M is for Menopause - It's your Pause.

Internal organs - Do yours play the right notes?

Here's a Plan - Especially for You . . . Featuring Fibromyalgia

AmericasDoctor.com. Chat for free with a real-time doctor at anytime of the day or night. This doctor is always in! http://www.americasdoctor.com

Here’s A Plan Especially for You….Your plan has three sections:

We urge you to print out these three components of your health plan; you are entitled to ask for a copy of every single document in your personal file with every physician who treats you. Creating your own file will save you time and make it much easier to review pertinent information.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Anthrax - CNN site offers listing of 10 questions and answers about anthrax as provided by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Click Here

How to Handle Anthrax Threats - Many facilities in communities around the country have received anthrax threat letters. Most were empty envelopes; some have contained powdery substances. The purpose of these guidelines by the Center for Disease Control is to recommend procedures for handling such incidents. If you misplaced the mailing from the postal service, this page the exact procedures to follow if mail arrives that you are concerned about. Click Here

Check out Here's To Your Mental Health


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