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June Contest Winner

Kimberly Pratt
Bigfork, Montana


Lachrymatory Contest

Please Enter!

This contest has met with such great enthusiasm on the part of all the neat women (and several neat men) who have entered that we have decided to make it a regular feature. We do pay attention to what neat women want!

What is a Lachrymatory?

A Lachrymatory is a glass vial containing tears symbolizing the joy and sorrow friends and/or special family members have shared. In Rebecca Well's best selling novel, "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood," the two main characters exchange gifts. Vivi's daughter Sidda presented one to her mother, saying, "In the olden days it was one of the greatest gifts you could give someone." We think this makes the perfect gift for Neat Women. EVE has given one to two of her closest friends and her only daughter and they are "take your breath away" beautiful.

The winner is always selected the last day of each month and because of the custom nature of the work, delivery will take 6 to 8 weeks.

Be sure to answer all questions before submitting your entry form.  Incomplete forms will not be put into the pool of applicants. Forms submitted must be completed on the NEAT WOMEN INC site. All others will be deleted upon receipt.







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