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Webster's Dictionary Definition

"Friendship is measured more in terms of silent acts than in terms of effusive words….in understanding of differences….and in times of difficulties." Margaret Chase Smith

"It's been said, in order to have a friend, you need to be a friend. In the spirit of that thought, we urge you to consider the ABC's of Friendship, as it relates to who your friends are, and the type of friend you strive to be:

The ABC's of Friendship

A ccepts you as you are
B elieves in "you"
C alls you just to say "HI"
D oesn't give up on you
E nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
F orgives your mistakes
G ives unconditionally
H elps you
I nvites you over
J ust to "be" with you
K eeps you close at heart
L oves you for who you are
M akes a difference in your life
N ever judges
O ffers support
P icks you up
Q uiets your fears
R aises your spirits
S ays nice things about you
T ells you the truth when you need to hear it
U nderstands you
V alues you
W alks beside you
X plains things you don't understand
Y ells when you won't listen
Z aps you back to reality

"A friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift
A friend is someone we treasure
For our friendship is a gift
A friend is someone who fills our lives
With Beauty, Joy, and Grace
And makes the world we live in
A Better and Happier Place."

~Author Unknown~

For the special friends we've found on our monitors:

"I sit and think everyday
How lucky I am to have my Computer Friends…
What wonderful memories and thoughts
They have given me Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I consider you my friends
Although we've never met
You've managed to touch my heart
Through this thing called 'The Net'

You've been there for me
/ When I've needed someone
How can I ever thank you
For all that you've done

When I've needed a shoulder
A prayer, a hug or an ear
You have been there for me
Like we've been friends for years

I don't quite understand it
Us meeting as cyber friends
But I feel God had a hand in it
In order for me to mend

I prefer not to use it
This term 'cyber-friends'
I'll leave off the 'cyber'
And just call you friend

I feel I must thank you
For showering me with love
My angels right here on earth
Sent from Heaven above"

~Author Unknown~

"Friendship involves the total concern and compassion for another fellow human being 'in times of peace and in times of war.' It encompasses:

F ondness
R eliance
I ntensity
E steem
N eighborliness
D evotedness
S incerity
H armony
I nterest
P atience

These ten virtues comprise the depths of TRUE friendship—love of one human being for another!" Shirley Chisholm, former member of Congress

"After much deliberation, I don't really know if I can define Friendship, I do know that it is the most valuable gift one can give or receive. It knows neither time nor space. In true Friendship, one doesn't really care whether they are the giver or the receiver and above all—Friendship means LOVE and LOVE means Friendship." Florence Henderson


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