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Welcome to the NeatWomenInc Links pages. Feel free to suggest a site, add your own link, modify another's or just play around!


Eves Goodies (20)
FREEBIES (73) new
Sites offering fun and freebies!
Links to living better (153) new
Sites offering all women information, support and resources to enrich their lives.
Links to serve your services needs (91)
Help is on the way, whether you are looking for a guide to changing careers, starting your own business on the web or taking some new direction in your life...these sites are for you.
Links to smarter living (69) new
From cosmetics to carry-alls, from lachrymatorys to linens, you'll find unique and useful items in this neat women's treasure chest.
Spice Of Life Links (157)
a wide variety

Resources You'll Remember - Neat Women Inc recommends reading these books.

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