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Mental health means, you haven’t made up your mind……that it’s a topic better left unspoken. With such luminaries as Carrie Fischer, Mike Wallace, Jonathan Winters and Art Buchwald talking about their struggles with chronic depression and bi-polar disorder, the stigma is slowly being dissolved. The subject of mental illness is not totally “out of the closet” but at least the door’s finally open and the fresh air and bright light is doing it a world of good! We at last understand, for example, that chronic depression is not a figment of someone’s imagination, nor is it “all in someone’s mind.” The fact is, it is a physiological disorder which can be successfully treated-once diagnosed….not unlike diabetes. Neither is a condition anyone would want to have, but both are manageable and do not have to interfere with a full and normal lifestyle.

Furthermore, there’s no magic required, the myths are now giving way to the facts, and it’s easier and more comfortable to deal with emotional and psychological medical matters than ever before.

Neat Women Inc will endeavor to offer the latest information and relevant material pertaining to mental health. There will be new links posted for every category on a regular basis. If you find an article you would like to keep, we suggest copying it into a file, as we will not be archiving the links when they're replaced.

A permanent feature of this page is a resource, which covers every conceivable aspect of the subject….with a positive, upbeat, and healthy perspective. HELP is not just on the way, it has arrived at:

Welcome to The Bright Side Whether dealing with a crisis, coping with a mental disorder, or just feeling overwhelmed with life, we all go through difficult periods in our life. When life feels like it's too much of a strain, a little bit of support can go a long way towards helping us cope - that is what The Bright Side is all about.

HelpHorizons.com is a safe and supportive environment in which to learn more about successfully meeting life's challenges. The site offers a wide range of mental health and emotional wellness-related information, support, and services, including up-to-date news, a wealth of original content from mental health professionals and staff, support groups, message boards, hosted chat rooms and live chat events, book recommendations, interactive quizzes and surveys, and links to other helpful Internet resources. HelpHorizons also features the largest directory of mental health professionals on the Internet and provides the tools to engage in low-cost, convenient online counseling. New clients and existing clients of mental health professionals can use the site to communicate with a therapist in-between regular face-to-face sessions, or to begin a new counseling relationship with a professional through secure e-mail, chats, and videoconferencing. HelpHorizons has it all - convenience, connectivity, and community. Join us today! Abraham Feingold, Psy.D. Editor-in-Chief http://HelpHorizons.com Phone: 617/338-2214 x210 Fax: 617/338-3881 e-mail: afeingold@helphorizons.com

This site includes news, a glossary of mental health terms, a symptom list, info on common disorders and treatment, an archive of previous articles, and help in finding treatment. www.mentalhelp.net

Booklets on a vast array of conditions www.mentalhealth.com/book

Effective Public Management of Mental Health Care:
Views from States on Medicaid Reforms That Enhance Service Integration and Accountability May 2000       www.milbank.org/bazelon

Mental Health InfoSource! www.mhsource.com

The National Mental Health Association (NMHA) is the country's oldest and largest nonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental illness. With more than 340 affiliates nationwide, NMHA works to improve the mental health of all Americans, especially the 54 million individuals with mental disorders, through advocacy, education, research and service. www.nmha.org This organization offers information on local Mental Health Association chapters across the United States.

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