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News for Neatwomen EVErywhere, the free, monthly, online newsletter from Neat Women Inc quickly became a favorite feature for women in the NWI community. Which is why we have prepared this archives for those who are new, for some who may want to locate an idea or recipe which they read about but didn't save, and for anyone looking for useful, constructive, and sometimes humorous information. Relevant for all women, all ages.

NNWE is a free, monthly newsletter from Neat Women Inc.
Each edition features four regular columns:

**Women Win: Women Inspiring News,
Spotlighting women making news, past and present**

++TIP These Scales: Try It Personally, These suggestions
Could Assist Living Even Smarter++

~~NEAT Nutrition: Never Eat Anything Tasteless: recipes
for your health and prescriptions for disaster (calories galore)~~

$$FOTI'S: Free Offerings on the Internet & Special Contests$$

Spring, 2003 - In this Issue:
Living Calmly in A Chaotic World

January, 2003 - In this Issue:

Holiday, 2002 - In this Issue:
The Holiday 3 H's Hope, happiness and health......

July / August, 2002 - In this Issue:
"Finding Personal Happiness"

June, 2002 - In this Issue:
"Summertime Fun"

April, 2002 - In this Issue:
"Making Your Dreams Come True"

February, 2002 - In this Issue:
"MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING" which may sound like a "tough sell." You decide for yourself!

January, 2002 - In this Issue:

November, 2001 - In this Issue:

October, 2001 - In this Issue:
WHEN LESS IS MORE--LIVING WELL BUT SIMPLY It's easier than you may think!

August/September, 2001 - In this Issue:
“Survival skills” and how to handle many of life’s everyday emergencies and much more.

July, 2001 - In this Issue:
Defining BEAUTY, recipes and freebies!

June, 2001 - In this Issue:
Memory-use it or lose it but remaining mentally alert is not has hard as you may think! Plus, a load of freebies!

April/May, 2001 - In this Issue:
Believe in yourself and enhance your confidence with mindfulness mediation! Plus, a load of freebies!

March, 2001 - In this Issue:
Your health, your history and your appetite! Plus, a load of freebies!

January, 2001 / February, 2001 - In this Issue:
Are celebrity and fame for you, living one day at a time and making the most of every minute, soup to warm you heart and soul!

December, 2000 - In this Issue:
A New Year for the New You….has nothing to do with “giving up” anything and everything to do with “giving yourself” a well deserved pat on the back!

November, 2000 - In this Issue:
Women Running for Office, Running for Their Health and much more!

October, 2000 - In this Issue:
Discover the Beautiful Person You Are and much more!

September, 2000 - In this Issue:
Entrepreneurial Women, Facing Fall by Getting Organized, and much more!

August, 2000 - In this Issue:
Courageous and Generous Women, Past and Present, Chilling Out Instructions, and much more.

May, 2000 - In this Issue:
Celebration of women, getting motivated, yummy summertime recipes and much more!

April, 2000 - In this Issue:
Protecting the Earth, walking for health, and much more!

March, 2000 In this Issue:
Women helping women, taking care of yourself, inside and out, and much more!

February, 2000 - In this Issue:
Inspirational thoughts on the "body image" issue for women, getting a good night's sleep and much more!

January, 2000 - In this Issue:
Women's Health, Taking Care of Yourself and much more!

November, 1999 - In this Issue:
Tori Murden, first woman and first American to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Women's Health, Keeping a Journal and much more!


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