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Uncle Sam Wants Go Back to Work contd.

Senior Project Director for The Conference Board and former assistant dean at Harvard University, Dr. Cassandra Simmons, (the source for the New York Marathon data above) also covered statistics showing how 23 million workers will need to be replaced by 2003 in the U.S., while the gap between supply and demand will even be more severe in Europe, and will arrive sooner. Simmons called for an all out effort to restructure training and learning for the new "Ageless Workforce" of people reaching traditional retirement age on both sides of the Atlantic.

Steve Wing, of CVS' Government programs, and Grady L. Prosser, Jr., a recruiter for AT&T;, indicated that both corporations are committed to strategies that address the opportunities offered by the wealth of "ageless" workers. Both cited examples of capability and vitality among older workers, including a 76-year-old who continued to work in the CVS Philadelphia loading dock and is in better shape than most 50 years olds.

Green Thumb, Inc., a national non-profit known for training older workers, was also at the conference to announce the winner of this year's outstanding older worker from New Jersey. He is 82 year old J. Paul Hunsberger of Bridgeton, producer and host of Radio WSNJ's "Off the Cuff," "Meet Your Candidate," "Meet Your Minister," and "Music That Matters."

Earlier this year, A&P; (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc.) was clearly putting the welcome mat out for older employees by announcing its partnership with The National Council on Aging, based in Washington D.C. Other NCOA Corporate Partners for Workforce Development include CVS/Pharmacy, Mellon Financial, Gap Inc., AT&T;, Exxon/Mobil, Ames Department Stores, and PNC Bank.

You may be saying, this is all great, but how do I personally reap the 50+ employment bonanza? Here are two recent developments to consider, and an extensive list of websites to browse:

In Asheville, the Center for Creative Retirement at the University of North Carolina has created an "unretirement" program that helps participants survey their experience, skills and strengths to plan for another job. The eight-week program, which started this fall, has 10 participants. Says Ron Manheimer, director, North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, of the new program: "Our bet is that a window of opportunity has opened and that seasoned, skilled, mature workers who want to do so will find far better chances than ever for pursing that second career, for turning an avocation into a vocation, for telecommuting (working from home or an office at a distance from the company headquarters via e-mail and the Internet), for consulting and self-employment, and for part-time and project-oriented jobs of three, six or nine months in duration."

For more, visit the UNCA Unretirement Option website:

For the full Philadelphia Inquirer story:

If you're looking for work in Southern California, in part- and full-time administrative, light industrial, and home health positions, get in touch with Peg Heglund who recently started a job placement service for the 55+ in these categories, and intends to add others. Peg contacted 2young2retire shortly after she was the subject of a "Career Make-Over" by the Los Angeles Times. Read her story and get contact information:

More employment resources/websites to browse:

(Green Thumb's site)

There's never been so much information available for such small investment of time and money. Happy job hunting in your second (third?) career.

Marika Stone is co-founder and managing editor of the Website of Retirement Alternatives. This column was adapted from an editorial in Reinventing Retirement News, a free month newsletter available through subscription. Simply log onto the site and sign up for the free newsletter….an excellent resource for staying current on the many opportunities now emerging.