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The world today is a very complex place. Women comprise more than half the population. No longer is any job viewed as exclusively a male domain. Although none of that may be big news, recent statistics suggesting a life span of 100 years plus for today's women has caught many of us by surprise.

Particularly since there are few definitive predictions about what the second half of a woman's life may look like. As recently as a decade ago, we were expected to have "blue" hair and lots of wrinkles to go with our sagging bodies. Then, Jane Fonda, Nancy Reagan, Gloria Steinem and Tina Turner, as well as a host of other glamorous women, exploded that myth. As we ushered in a new century, women have been creating their own destinies.

What does all that mean? Who knows? NEAT WOMEN INC hopes you will join us to take a look back in order to help provide a reflection from which we can look forward to the upcoming stages of life.

Some suggest that middle-age is a physically high maintenance time of life. Yet, at the same time, the wisdom, serenity, and confidence that often occurs for women of a certain age, means it no longer need be an emotionally or mentally dreaded period. Our bodies may sometimes become more complex to deal with, but our minds often discover a newfound calmness.

Now Enjoy All Things Women Overcoming Middle-age Ever Needed. It's not chests, competition, confusion, calendars, just to name a few of the things we once succumbed to as vital for survival but can now look upon with the wisdom born of age.

NEAT WOMEN INC offers women a chance to catch our collective breaths and ask, "What is it that I can and want to enjoy now?"

What does Blue Smoke, Blue Hair, no Mirrors please have to do with it? In the realm of public relations and political spin doctoring an oft' employed strategy for creating the impression that something which has very little substance, is, in fact, significant, is a ploy referred to as using Blue Smoke and Mirrors. Even today the phrase blue hairs is still applied to characterize women of a certain age. Thank goodness for the punk rockers who have seized upon different shades of hair as a cool look.

Many women today hear the expression fabulous fifty and say, "Yeah, right". Not too many of those bumper stickers around that say, Pushing fifty is exercise enough. Some feel that when we hit fifty it felt more like colliding head-on with a brick wall than crossing the threshold of an exciting new period in life.

Be advised that any women hoping to drink thirstily of the mythical elixir in the fountain of youth should proceed no further into the world of NEAT WOMEN INC. You will not find that here. NEAT WOMEN INC--It's not convincing women that we should travel the world over or spend huge sums of money to stave off the so called ravages of time. It's not convincing women that time does indeed devastate or destroy everything about a woman's exterior that we may, albeit mistakenly perhaps, hold dear such as smooth skin, smaller waist lines, or minds like a steel trap.

Mercifully, one of the more rewarding features of the time period for "overcoming middle-age," is often a new appreciation for patience (the translation of that is: while patience may never become one of our most compelling virtues, the wisdom born of age can make it a trait to treasure.) Reminder: neat women treasure life's intangibles.

Finally, for many of us, figuring out what we want to be when we grow up is a long delayed goal and some of us decide that we simply don't want to grow up at all. NEAT WOMEN INC will strive to encourage women to celebrate wherever they may be on the road of life.

We'll offer as many guide posts and insights to maneuvering the pot holes, curves and other obstructions to becoming who we truly want to be--we're hoping you'll join us on this journey. We want this to be a place where you can share your thoughts and learn from others each and every day. Overcoming middle-age may seem at times like sitting in the first car on a roller coaster, or driving one of those "bumper" cars that gets stuck in the middle, or a trip alone through the "house of horrors," or just holding on to a brass ring astride the best horse on the world's most beautiful carousel. Everyone knows that amusement parks are much more fun when friends are along.


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